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Dyed Fabrics

Dyed Fabrics in Surat - India by Rachit Group

Dyed fabrics

play very important role in market as well as in ones wardrobe. So basically Dyeing can be simply illustrated as filling colors.

Dyed fabrics

hold a wide variety of textile fabrics which is being highly demanded in all ages by people all over the world. We at Rachit Fashion Pvt. Ltd., produce an ample mix of

dyed fabrics

with the finest quality as per the market trends.

Dyeing of the fabric

is done in many ways including various steps, raw materials, machineries and technologies. Coming up with the optimum quality requires the selection of the most feasible process, best

grey cloth

, efficient machineries and the latest technology which is all done vividly at production. We assure our clients to receive 100% satisfaction with the


feel, dyeing quality and fastness of colors.

Our design expert team researches about the dyeing patterns trending in the global market and also evolves with our own new designs which trend in market with a smooth flow. We call them as the trendsetters. We have all kind of dyed fabrics available with us for each and every demand like:

Georgette is a lightweight and absolute type of fabric with a crispy feel. Due to its elegant looks, the colors come out with the bright appearance and sense. We manufacture eminent class of dyed georgette which is being used widely for making party wear dresses, gowns, sarees, blouses, interlinings, scarves, garment accessories etc.

Silk is a royal fabric and stands to be amazing for tinting of different types of patterns and art. The colors on silk turns out to be beautiful and shinny. We at Rachit’s use the handpicked quality of silk and premium set of colors to make the best silk shades. Our product is used far and wide across the globe for making sarees, kurti, dupatta and many more.

Jacquard is a fabric woven with a special process and we make it more special by adding promising colors and mesmerizing shades on it. So many styles and patterns can be created out of Jacquard. It is extensively used for making sarees, lehengas and in home furnishing fabrics.

Silk Jacquard
Silk Jacquard is a fabric with comparatively denser weave and heavy in weight. Silk Jacquard dyeing is done in huge volume and used by our vendors’ full fledgy.

Chiffon is a sheer and lightweight fabric. We supply best quality of dyed chiffon with fast colors and high durability. Its floating chattels give the apparel an attractive appearance. This fabric is popularly used in women clothing.

Satin is a bit similar to Silk (basically man-made fibers). Satin has a nice lustrous fall and shine on one side and matt finish on the back side. We produce finely highlighted Satin fabric with vivid hue range. It is used extensively in fashion industries for making women wears like nightgowns, lingerie, evening gowns, blouses, tops, kurti etc. It is also used in making ballerinas.

Modal Satin
Modal Satin is an economical alternative to Pure Silk. It gives the shinny fall similar to silk. We supply dyed modal satin in large quantity specially used by those who make different range of apparel.

Viscose Modal
Viscose Modal is a different fabric which exhibit intermediate properties of both silk and cotton. This is commonly used in making household items like towels, pajamas, bathrobes, inner wears, bed sheets etc.

Chinon Fabric is one of the top demanded fabrics of our collection. We provide different colors and blends of shades which are liked broadly. It has light weight nature. Chiffon Fabric is an admirable choice for making gowns, ruffles, garments, scarves, stoles, beddings, curtain and other home decor items.
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