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Sarees in Surat - India by Rachit Group


hold a whole another charm in our Indian women fashion and now it has become popular all over the world.


has become one our identity on global level. In this series of discussion of recognized attire, Rachit Fashion is also one of the recognized

manufacturers of designer sarees

. We fabricate comprehensive selection of

designer sarees

not just as the trend but which tend to be the trend creators.

We major in manufacturing :

Designer Embroidery Sarees

Embroidery sarees

are something which can be made for all kind of occasions and in different patterns. It is worn in almost all states of our country. That is why it is one of the evergreen choices of women to look sophisticated & stylish. We make wide variety of

embroidered sarees

to fit for different purposes like for casual or daily wear, office wear, party wear, bridal wear and many more. Our expert designers come up with whole creative bunch playing around with threads, colors and needles but making sure to get real finest out products. We use the best quality of the textile fabrics for doing the art so as to make it attractive as well as sustainable.

Jacquard Weaved Sarees

Jacquard Weaved Saree

is one of our expert products which are being in demand in so many states and also so many foreign countries. These are so much in trend from a long period of time and seem to becoming more and more popular due to its versatile looks and ravishing emergence. Diverse patterns of weaving give these long pieces sundry appearances. The quality of the textile fabric used, the fastness of the colors and the neatness of the weaving all being mastered by our adroit craftsmen who hold profound knowledge of yarns and the workmanship.

Product Gallery of Sarees
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